Julia: Bridging the Gap Between Bitcoin and Homesteading

• Julia is originally from Germany, but moved to Portugal when she was 19 and got offered a full-time job.
• Julia settled on a piece of land in Portugal and operates a homestead that feeds her family.
• Julia is an active member of the local Bitcoin meetup community, and has found many parallels between how people talk about Bitcoin and how they talk about homesteading.

Julia found herself in Portugal when she was 19, looking for a job that would allow her to travel. After being offered a full-time position, she decided to settle down in the country, and eventually her parents and brothers also moved over. Now, after 15 years of living in Portugal, Julia has established a homestead on her land which feeds her family.

Aside from running her homestead, Julia has also become an active member of the local Bitcoin meetup community. She has found many similarities between how Bitcoin is discussed and how homesteading is discussed, such as the high upfront investment and low time preference that both activities require. Julia believes that by exploring the parallels between the two topics, we can gain better insight into how both of them function.

Julia also believes that the homesteading and Bitcoin communities can benefit from each other’s knowledge. Homesteaders can learn from Bitcoiners how to use digital tools to enhance their operations, while Bitcoiners can learn from homesteaders how to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. Through her involvement in the local community, Julia is able to bridge the gap between the two and help spread knowledge between the two communities.

In addition to her involvement in the Bitcoin and homesteading communities, Julia is also passionate about connecting with people and making meaningful connections. She is a firm believer in the power of community and enjoys taking time to talk to people and form connections. By connecting with her local community and building relationships, she is able to make a positive impact on the people around her and foster an environment of understanding and collaboration.